Visit to IUCAA Astrophysics Institute, Pune

From September 18-21 I visited the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) in Pune. The Institute features 20 of the best astrophysics researchers in India serving as staff scientists, and a cadre of visiting faculty, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The intellectual energy of the place is palpable, and within the serene grounds these […]

Environmental Education in Bangalore, India

As part of my ongoing series of discussions at the Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore, I visited Bangalore to meet with my long-time collaborator on the Future of Liberal Arts in India, Dr. Lakshmi Saripalli, and to discuss our many projects together – both in astronomy and in liberal arts education. The visit to Bangalore was […]

Visit by Eric Mazur to Yale-NUS College

During August 22-24 I hosted Harvard University professor Eric Mazur at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. His visit was sponsored by the Yale-NUS Center for Teaching and Learning, and Eric delivered two wonderful talks on Teaching and Learning to our community, which included a wide range of Yale-NUS Faculty and nearly 100 professors and academic leaders […]

Visit to NUS by Roberto di Napoli, Principal Fellow, UK HEA

I have been enjoying several talks with a remarkable educator, Roberto di Napoli, who is the NUS Educator in Residence for 2016. Roberto is a Principal Fellow of the British Higher Education Academy (HEA). Ever since I learned about the HEA I have been intrigued by this institution, and Roberto gave a good accounting of […]

The New Yale-NUS Foundation of Science – Modes of Inquiry

We have launched a new semester of Yale-NUS College’s Core Curriculum Science course, Foundations of Science! This is the third offering of Foundations of Science, which has evolved from a two semester course taken by just non-science majors, into a more intense one-semester immersion into science taken by all of the Yale-NUS sophomore students. The […]

Visit to Silicon Valley’s Singularity University

While in California I had a chance to visit a new educational “startup” within Silicon Valley, Singularity University ( The University arises from the inspiration of two of the founders, Ray Kurzweil (who wrote a book on the “Singularity“), and Peter Diamandis, entrepreneur, founder of the “X prize” and an MD and PhD who has […]

GROWTH Education Workshop

During July 28 and 29, our GROWTH collaboration hosted the first of its education workshop. This meeting featured attendance by over 30 professors, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students, representing 18 different institutions and five countries. During the meeting we presented innovative courses in astronomy at our campuses, which includes the US institutions of Pomona College, […]

GROWTH Science Team meeting at Caltech

On July 25 and 26, our team of scientists in the Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients Happen (GROWTH) collaboration met at Caltech for two days of intense discussions about the science and collaborations possible from this interesting international astrophysics group. The effort is funded by a $4.5-million grant from the NSF PIRE Program to […]

New Research with the Indian AstroSat and Chilean telescopes

As part of my summer research program, I have begun a collaboration with Varun Bhalero of IUCAA, the premier astrophysics organization in India, to combine the telescopes available to me from Yale-NUS with new observations from India’s first space telescope known as AstroSAT. AstroSat features a powerful suite of instruments and can image the sky […]