Here in Singapore there is a great place near Istana Park called My Art Space which has painting lessons. After talking with the NUS President Chor Chuan Tan about his paintings, and how he takes painting lessons, I got inspired. If Chor Chuan can fit art into his schedule – surely I can!  So I enrolled in painting lessons at myartspace ( – and learned a bit about acrylic painting. I had worked in oils when I was a young person but the acrylics are easier to work with and dry fast. So I have been painting lots of things and am really enjoying it!  Here are some of my paintings done here in Singapore in the past few months. Enjoy!

bpenprase.acrylic - 1

image bpenprase.acrylic - 2 bpenprase.acrylic - 3 bpenprase.acrylic - 4 bpenprase.acrylic - 5 bpenprase.acrylic - 6





my.painting.california.ocean - 1singapore_scene - 1

painting_wave_scene2 - 1

astronaut_painting - 1

painting_wave_scene - 1

asha - 1


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