New Global Universities Summit in Washington DC at Duke in DC

I am excited to attend the New Global Universities Summit in Washington DC, co-organized by Duke University and my co-author, Noah Pickus, as an outgrowth of our book The New Global Universities. The Summit brings together over 60 top thought leaders and founders of new universities worldwide to work together to articulate the lessons learned and the value offered to higher education by their bold initiatives in founding universities in all parts of the world. The summit gives a chance for these new universities to share ideas on future collaboration, disseminate the innovations they have made in their curriculum, organizational leadership, and program structure, and collectively reimagine how higher education can be structured for the coming decades. The leaders include writers, such as Karen Fischer from the Chronicle of Higher Education and many from Duke University and Duke Kunshan University, who are hosting the meeting at their Duke in DC location. I am delighted to have a chance to meet with the leaders of many of the new universities we wrote about in the book, including Ben Nelson from Minerva University and leaders representing African Leadership University in Rwanda, Ashoka University in India, and Yale-NUS College in Singapore, Fulbright Univeristy Vietnam, NYU Abu Dhabi, and Olin College of Engineering. I look forward to visiting these amazing institutions as they become a powerful force for change and innovation in higher education worldwide. I am particularly interested in helping these institutions foster a more reflective and agile institutional culture and develop new ways to share their best teaching and curriculum development practices.