STEM Innovation Symposium, Yale-NUS, April 2017

Our Yale-NUS Centre for Teaching and Learning sponsored a conference on STEM Innovation in Singapore on April 27 and 28, and we arranged a very interesting set of sessions from leading educators from across Singapore, with speakers from NUS, Yale-NUS, NTU, SUTD, and other Singapore institutions, as well as visitors from Stanford University. Our keynote speaker, Nobel prize winner Carl Wieman, discussed STEM education and provided both a public lecture on “Taking a Scientific Approach to Science Education” as well as a workshop on “Promoting Active Learning in the Classroom.”  The conference is sponsored by the Yale-NUS CTL, and our organizing committee included Eunice Tan (Yale-NUS), Tim Wertz (Yale-NUS), Kiat Hwa Chan (Yale-NUS), Bryan Penprase (Yale-NUS), and Adrian Lee (NUS). The conference featured keynote talks by Drew Endy (Stanford), Sandy Cook (Duke-NUS), Bob Kamei (NUS), Adrian Lee (NUS) and Matt Stamps (Yale-NUS) as well as the workshop and public talk by Carl Wieman. The web site for this conference is at, and we have posted PPT/PDF files for the presentations and videos of the various talks on this site.  Separate blog posts on this site report on some of the highlights on the conference.



me.and.carl.wieman carl.wieman.talking steminnovation.day1 - 6 steminnovation.day1 - 5 steminnovation.day1 - 8 steminnovation.day1 - 7 wieman.with.students