Our HEDx Australia podcast – “The Intertia of Excellence” available now

On June 13, 2024, my co-author Noah Pickus and I had a wonderful conversation with Martin Betts, who runs a podcast through the HEDx organization. The HEDx podcasts discuss a wide range of topics about the future of education and have a vast global following. More importantly, Martin seems to have read our book carefully and had several excellent questions for us to respond to about how new universities navigate past daunting obstacles and find some sense of collective identity – otherwise known as “institutional culture.” Martin is the founder of HEDx, which was created as an outgrowth of Martin’s thinking about bringing change and new types of leadership to higher education. The HEDx podcast with Noah and me has just been made available on both Spotify and Apple podcasts at this post’s links. We look forward to your feedback and thoughts! The page for the HEDx podcast is available at https://hedx.com.au/podcast-hedx-episode-126/. It features a working title of “The Inertia of Excellence,” which we referred to in our book as a mechanism that prevents top universities from changing and, in many cases, innovating – hence the need for new universities!