About the Media Platform

Why a Media Platform? This web site is a place to record some of the many exciting educational projects and ideas that have come from my work in the past several years. I have had the privilege to work at Yale, Caltech, Pomona, and now Yale-NUS College  in Singapore. This global odyssey has given me a chance to visit over 100 campuses around the world, work with many of the most exciting professors, academic leaders and creative people in the world. I wanted a place to put down a record of some of the ideas, meetings, programs, classes, short courses, and explorations. These together provide a broad overview of the many threads of my work, which are all converging on new models for undergraduate education. These models are innovative, authentic, experiential, engaged, and relevant to the student and to society. They are hopefully going to have a major impact on how universities and colleges operate in the coming decades.

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I hope you find the site stimulating, interesting and informative!  Please send me an email if you have any ideas, comments, suggestions or question – I would love to hear from you!

I can be reached at either bpenprase@pomona.edu or bryan.penprase@yale-nus.edu.sg. Thanks for your interest!

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