The POWER of STARS (Springer)

The Power of Stars

Completely revised and updated, this new edition provides a readable, beautifully illustrated journey through world cultures and the vibrant array of sky mythology, creation stories, models of the universe, temples and skyscrapers that each culture has created to celebrate and respond to the power of the night sky. Sections on the archaeoastronomy of South Asia and South East Asia have been expanded, with original photography and new research on temple alignments in Southern India, and new material describing the astronomical practices of Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Beautiful photographs of temples in India and Asia have been added, as well as new diagrams explaining the alignment of these structures and the astronomical underpinnings of temples within the Pallava and Chola cultures. From new fieldwork in the Four Corners region of North America, Dr. Penprase has included accounts of Pueblo skywatching and photographs of ceremonial kivas that help elucidate the rich astronomical knowledge of the Pueblo people. The popular “Archaeoastronomy of Skyscrapers” section of the book has been updated as well, with new interpretations of skyscrapers in Indonesia, Taiwan and China.With the rapid pace of discovery in astronomy and astrophysics, entirely new perspectives are emerging about dark matter, inflation and the future of the universe. The Power of Stars puts these discoveries in context and describes how they fit into the modern perspective of cosmology, which has arisen from the universal human response to the sky that has inspired both ancient and modern cultures.

  • Thoroughly updated second edition of a well-reviewed and widely used text
  • New additions include material drawn from the author’s fieldwork in various places around the world, as well as an improved index
  • Concise explanation of constellation lore from around the world, organized by cultures
  • A graphic and wide-ranging discussion of models of the universe, which includes schematic figures from over a dozen cultures
  • Precise and compelling descriptions of a wide range of celestial monuments with quantitative analysis of the significance of some of the monuments from the perspective of a trained astrophysicist

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Below is a link from Amazon to the second (2017) edition, but also shows the first edition (2010) cover.