Soka University Observatory

As part of my work at Soka University, I developed a new observatory system, which is now known as the Nieves Observatory at Soka University of America. The telescope is a research-grade system that can be remotely operated and I am excited about being able to share the system with students who are all around […]

New Program for Fulbright Fellowship Advising at Soka University

After consulting with our colleagues at Pitzer College, which has one of the best Fulbright advising programs in our area, we developed a Soka University Fulbright program, led by faculty member Sarah England. Meetings at Pitzer College, and help from Nigel Boyle, then Dean of Pitzer College, helped us develop a program to recruit potential […]

MOU with Claremont Graduate University for accelerated MA degrees

On March 25, 2019, SUA signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with Claremont Graduate University (CGU), to enable SUA students to have preferred access to their Accelerated Degree programs in four tracks, Education (with an MA or MA + teaching credential), Management (with an MBA from the CGU Drucker School of Management), and International Studies […]

Research Enhancement at Soka University

In parallel with our initiatives to enhance teaching, we launched several programs to help support and incentivise faculty research at Soka University.  One of our initial efforts was to include Soka University of America in leading databases such as SCOPUS and SCIVAL, and so in my first year as Dean, I managed to get these […]

Teaching Enhancement at Soka University

Soka University has a strong tradition of emphasis on effective teaching, and its extensive GE and Core curriculum helped to bring faculty together to discuss courses and pedagogy. This was a strength that I leveraged, along with the Faculty Enhancement Committee, in developing a strategy for enhancing and building teaching effectiveness at Soka University. One […]

SUA Life Sciences Concentration Development and Science Advisory Board

One of my big tasks upon arriving at SUA was to help develop their new interdisciplinary Life Sciences concentration. Soka University is an amazing and interdisciplinary liberal arts university, with a mission to “foster global citizens dedicated to living a contributive life.” We wanted to add Life Sciences as a fifth concentration, after the existing […]