Stanford University Book Talk – May 15, 2024

With sponsorship from Stanford Digitial Education, my co-author Noah Pickus and I will be giving a talk on May 15, 2024, at 1 PM PST. The talk will be available to all via Zoom, and the registration link is below. I include a flyer and other images from the event below as well. The talk will include Minu Ipe, who is the vice chair and managing director of the University Design Institute of Arizona State University. Minu will moderate the discussion, and Noah and I will give an overview of the book, the eight amazing new universities we wrote about, and a discussion with the audience about the lessons these new universities provide for innovation and change in higher education. I hope you can join. Please share this with your friends!

The event is part of a series on Academic Innovation for the Public Good, and the Stanford Digital Education office has been sponsoring these as a series of talks. The link to the event website is below.