Welcome to the 2016 Institute!

Welcome to all of our 2016 Undergraduate Astronomy Institute participants and mentors!  We are excited to have our second Caltech/Pomona Undergraduate Astronomy Institute, on June 20-24 at Caltech and Pomona College. We included in the program some really special events – such as a dinner with the producer of The Martian, Aditya Sood, a night on the Mt. Wilson 60″ telescope, and a tour of the Big Bear Solar Observatory!  All of this on top of a group of amazing talks on ZTF and Caltech research in astronomy and astrophysics, instrument lab tours, and hands-on workshops on data analysis. This project is all funded by our NSF grant to develop ZTF. A big part of developing ZTF is developing the next generation of researchers in time-domain astrophysics, and we hope that this workshop is helpful for launching your research and developing a network of fellow students and mentors that include Caltech graduate students, postdocs, and professors from Caltech, Pomona and Wlliams. We hope you enjoy the Institute and look forward to working with all of you!

Bryan Penprase, Pomona College / Yale-NUS College, ZTF Co-I

Eric Bellm, Caltech ZTF Project Scientist