Liberal Arts in India Conference Finished! #LiberalArtsinIndia #flai2015

After the conference in India I was really gratified by the wave of interest in liberal arts in India. Our hosts, Ashoka, Jindal and Shiv Nadar, were extremely gracious, and I admire the courage, energy and intelligence which as launched all three projects. Bringing all this together in India has been a wonderful experience, and our organizing committee – Arjendu Pattanayak, Lakshmi Saripalli, Nimit Mehta, Kathleen Modrowski, Rahul Agarwal, and myself all benefited from the wonderful ideas that sprung up in our last day. Our plans are beginning for our next year’s meeting. The basic parameters appear to be a meeting in early January 2016 – probably Jan 7-9 – and we are considering having the new meeting in Pune or Ahmedabad, with the possibility of having a chance to visit the new institutions in those cities. This would include FLAME in Pune, and the IIT Gandhinagar and the University of Ahmedabad. Thanks to all for coming, and please do send me ideas at for what you would like to see in our next Liberal Arts in India 2016 meeting! Also we plan to have a strong social media presence in our next round, and I appreciate Barney Bate @BernardBate, Rahul Choudaha @DrEducationblog, for helping with our social media ideas, and I will be experimenting with hashtags, and other twittersphere things in the coming months to get the word out about our nice community of liberal arts in India that is building. Also thanks to all the institutions – Shiv Nadar University @SNU_India, University of Chicago Center in India @UChiDelhi, and Ashoka University @AshokaUniv – I will try to get some messages about these wonderful institutions  tweeted in the coming days too!


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