Future of Liberal Arts in India III – Pune, May 16-18

Symbiosis University, and its School for Liberal Arts, hosted our third Future of Liberal Arts and Sciences in India conference from May 16-18. Anita Patankar, the Director of the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, was a wonderful host, and organized a superb meeting at Symbiosis University!  The meeting included a distinguished chief guest, Dr. Furqan Qamar, the Secretary General of the Association of Indian Universities, who was welcomed by the founder of the Symbiosis University, Dr.S.B. Mujumdar. The meeting also featured a wonderful keynote talk by noted author, member of Pariliment, and former Under-secretary of the UN, Shashi Tharoor (http://www.shashitharoor.in/).  

shashi.2016 - 1 (2)
I am on the stage with (from left) the Vice Chancellor of Symbiosis University, Rajani R. Gupte, the Founder of Symbiosis, S.B. Mujumdar, noted author and MP Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Furqan Qamar, Lakshmi Saripalli, and Anita Patankar
shashi.2016 - 1
Shashi Tharoor giving his Keynote Address

In addition to the dynamic and visionary set of ideas coming from the conference participants which drew from the best institutions in the region and beyond, there was a real sense of common purpose and a great energy to the meeting. The meeting included excellent speakers, and after just a few days had a strong sense of a common culture. The meeting web site describes the range of speakers and program of the meeting and is available at: http://ssla.edu.in/conference-2016/concept-and-themes

We are looking forward to our next Future of Liberal Arts in India meeting – probably hosted by Ashoka University in New Delhi, and it should be a wonderful chance to build upon the very strong foundation from our first three meetings.  More information on the Future of Liberal Arts in India project can also be found elsewhere on my site at this location: http://bryanpenprase.org/liberal-arts-in-india/

shashi.2016 - 1 (1)
A light moment between sessions of the Symbiosis Liberal Arts in India meeting


More information

Information about the meeting, Symbiosis University and the participants can be found at these links:

http://ssla.edu.in/conference-2016/schedule – Schedule for Symbiosis Liberal Arts Conference

http://www.shashitharoor.in/my-books.php – books by Shashi Tharoor (my favourite is the “Elephant Tiger and the Cell Phone).

http://www.aiu.ac.in/Professor%20Furqan%20Qamar-Profile.pdf – Information on Dr. Furqan Qamar

http://ssla.edu.in/welcome/ – Symbiosis School of the Liberal Arts information

http://www.siu.edu.in/ – Symbiosis University site


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