UN World Space Week and “Chasing Cosmic Explosions” Talk at Singapore Science Centre

As part of the Singapore UN World Space Week (http://www.worldspaceweeksg.org/), I gave a talk at the Singapore Science Center entitled “Chasing Cosmic Explosions” that describes which describes supernovae, gamma ray bursts, and the search for optical counterparts of gravitational wave sources. This also describes the emerging global network of telescopes that our group at Caltech is assembling which includes a Yale 1.3-meter in Chile as part of a network following up newly discovered novae, supernovae, and other “Transients.”  The entire spectrum of events for World Space Week is also on Facebook at this site: https://www.facebook.com/worldspaceweeksg/


You can see more about our GROWTH and ZTF networks at these sites:  http://www.ptf.caltech.edu/ztf – http://growth.caltech.edu/

This talk was streamed live on Facebook and had a pretty good attendance across the world – with people in Taiwan, Turkey, the US, and India all watching!  It is an amazing time of global interconnectedness!