The New Global Universities book published

Our new book, The New Global Universities – Reinventing Higher Education in the 21st Century, is now published by Princeton Press and available at bookstores and other vendors. The book has received a great reception so far at various book talks and among the press. My co-author, Noah Pickus, and I are very grateful to all who supported us in writing and researching the book and who are now helping us with the various book talks. Our schedule for the new year includes book talks at the Harvard COOP book store in late January, a panel discussion at the American Association of Colleges and Universities in Washington, DC, and many other events for the upcoming year. We were also thrilled to have our book named on a list of the best higher education books of 2023 by Forbes Magazine.

Before the holidays, I was able to join Michael Horn (Harvard Graduate School of Education Professor), Nina Marini (co-founder of Ashesi University in Ghana), and Mallory Dwinal-Palish (founder of Reach University) in the closing keynote for the NECHE annual meeting in Boston. The session featured a conversation about reinventing higher education for the 21st century, moderated by Micahel Horn. It provided a chance to share with the New England Commission of Higher Education some thoughts about new universities’ roles in the higher education ecosystem and what lessons we can learn from them in their innovations, institutional culture, and leadership.

I have included a few photos from the event and am grateful to Larry Schall, the NEHE president, and Michael Horn for their help in bringing the session together. You can see from the photos that our panel had a great conversation, and I look forward to working with this great group in the future!

Our group talking before the panel
My chance to share thoughts about the unique nature of the “startup” university and its value.
Some great questions from MIcahel Horn
Nina Marini and me talking with Larry Schall after the event.