Reflections on Last Semester

Now that the new year and semester are here, I am going to be posting a recap of some of the interesting events of last semester. Things were so busy I was not able to keep up with blogging!  The basic idea was that I managed to launch our new Centre for Teaching and Learning, while coordinating our very large Foundations of Science core curriculum class. This involved 8 instructors, and about 160 students. On top of that, I managed to take a certificate course in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), plan and implement our October Yale-NUS Campus opening, plan and implement a pretty cool “week 7 trip” to China entitled, “The Ancient and Modern Chinese Universe,” attend a number of meetings at Caltech, NTU, SUTD, NYU Abu Dhabi, and also plan and implement a project known as “Envirolabs Asia” which included roving about central Borneo with 8 faculty from Claremont, 5 from Yale-NUS, and 20 students. A few other things happened, as the subsequent blog posts will indicate! Enjoy!

Envirolabs - 1


A rainbow, viewed about 3 hours away from Miri, Sarawak, during our Envirolabs Asia trip in Jan. 2016. We enjoyed the rainbow for a while while waiting for help after our flat tire!  One adventure after another!

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