Pomona College Astronomy work

During Day 3 our undergraduates were at Pomona College, where we offered them a workshop in high energy astrophysics data analysis by Loredana Vertere. Loredana led the students in an analysis of data from the Swift X-ray satellite, and we also enjoyed a planetarium show by Loredana, and our student Charlie Watson. Mike Long from the Carnegie Foundation came by and gave a wonderful presentation on his new Las Campanas Remote Observatory, which I will be using for my research and teaching with students at Pomona and Yale-NUS College. It was wonderful to be back at Pomona at our beautiful new Millikan Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics building, and to see all my old friends at Pomona. This also is the beginning of a new chapter for me as I transition from the Frank P. Brackett Professor of Astronomy at Pomona to Professor of Science at Yale-NUS College. The transition is exciting as I have been able to retain my affiliation with Pomona as Research Professor, and will be able to continue working with Pomona in the coming years through my NSF funded grants for ZTF and the Global Relay of Observatories Watching Transients Happen (GROWTH).

Below are some photos from this day of our Institute!

day4.SUAI.2016 - 16 day4.SUAI.2016 - 14 day4.SUAI.2016 - 15 day4.SUAI.2016 - 12 day4.SUAI.2016 - 13 day4.SUAI.2016 - 11 day4.SUAI.2016 - 8 day4.SUAI.2016 - 9 day4.SUAI.2016 - 10 day4.SUAI.2016 - 5 day4.SUAI.2016 - 6 day4.SUAI.2016 - 7 day4.SUAI.2016 - 3 day4.SUAI.2016 - 4 day4.SUAI.2016 - 1 day4.SUAI.2016 - 2

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