Harvard Graduate School of Education book talk on Building Universities

As part of my work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), where I have been based this year as a visiting scholar, I was able to present a talk on April 25 based on our book The New Global Universities – Reinventing Higher Education in the 21st Century at HGSE for their students. The talk was entitled “Building a University from Scratch” and was with HGSE faculty member and former Macalester President Brian Rosenberg. We discussed the institutions that Noah Pickus and I wrote about in our book, as well as Brian Rosenberg’s experience at Macalaster and as a board member of ALU, which was one of the institutions in our book. We had a good discussion with the audience members, and it was great having a chance to present the book at HGSE as I wrap up my sabbatical year, and begin some new projects at Stanford toward the end of the academic yearl. The book talk is available as a zoom recording online at HGSE. I hope you enjoy it!