Astronomy2017 at the Singapore Art-Science Museum

On February 18 and 19, I was invited to speak at the Singapore Art-Science Museum during Astronomy2017, described as “Singapore’s Largest Astronomy Event.” The event was held at the beautiful Art-Science museum, a building that looks like a flower blooming out of the center of Singapore’s downtown Marina district. With my Yale-NUS College students, I was also able to share remote observations from our telescope in Chile known as LCRO. Since the event was held during the day, we were able to remotely operate our telescope and take live images from Las Campanas Observatory for the public. I was delighted to get help from our students – Jerrick Wee, Ricky George, Stephanie Chee, Gabriel Lek, and Joan Ongchoco. They were truly wonderful and did a fantastic job presenting our remotely operated telescope to groups of people who came by to see the live images. During the show we obtained images of Centuarus A, Omega Cen, and a few other spectacular Southern Hemisphere objects. Below are some pictures from the event!


screenshot_1225 screenshot_1224 screenshot_1223 screenshot_1222 screenshot_1221 screenshot_1220 screenshot_1219 screenshot_1218