World Science Festival and Brian Greene Talk

NYU is the home to the World Science Festival, a spectacular presentation of the current state of science – with panels featuring Nobel laureates, recent authors and TED speakers. The World Science Festival was founded by Brian Greene, and provides one component of education that is complementary to his World Science University.  I was eager to attend […]

Visit to Columbia University and the Met Cloisters

As part of my education about New York City, I rode my Brompton bike all the way to the top of Manhattan, along the beautiful Hudson River bike trail. At the end of the trail is the Met Cloisters museum, which is an amazing time capsule where you can immerse yourself in Medieval Europe in the […]

Visit to NYU and discussion about NYU Global Network

On June 2, I had a wonderful visit to NYU, after exploring Manhattan a bit with my folding Brompton bike. I had heard a lot about NYU but had never been there, after many conversations with faculty at NYU Abu Dhabi and  NYU Shanghai about “The Square” (as NYU is called). It was great to […]

NUS Awards Banquet and Discussion on Authentic Learning

On May 19, the NUS Teaching Academy had its Awards Banquet, where it added its seven new members (including me!) and featured a guest from the University of Hong Kong, Prof Rick Glofcheski, who has won the Hong Kong wide best educator award, as well as the University of Hong Kong best teacher award.  Rick teaches […]

Future of Liberal Arts in India III – Pune, May 16-18

Symbiosis University, and its School for Liberal Arts, hosted our third Future of Liberal Arts and Sciences in India conference from May 16-18. Anita Patankar, the Director of the Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, was a wonderful host, and organized a superb meeting at Symbiosis University!  The meeting included a distinguished chief guest, Dr. Furqan Qamar, the […]

Yale-NUS Foundations of Science Poster Fair

On April 25, we had our second Yale-NUS College Foundations of Science Grand Challenge poster fair. The students were asked to address a theme that addressed a Grand Challenge facing the Earth. These questions were in one of two themes – “Evolution” which refers to gradual change of organisms and communities, and “Revolution” which refers […]

Heart of Stars – Life of Chandrasekhar Play

One really interesting outgrowth of the Liberal Arts in India project is a new theatre production, co-authored with Brian Brophy (Caltech) and Usha Darmela (O.P.Jindal), about the life of Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, India’s leading astrophysicist of the 20th century and Nobel laureate. Brian Brophy is a noted actor and theatre producer, and he attended our Liberal […]

Intercultural Dialog Faculty Workshops at Yale-NUS

During April, I had a wonderful opportunity to work with Sara Amjad (from the Yale-NUS College Dean of Students office) to create a faculty workshop that brings Sara’s Intercultural Dialogue program to a new format and audience. The format would be a 90 minute Workshop at the end of the semester, and the audience would […]

Astrophysics Talk at Swinburne University, Melbourne

From May 5-11 I had the opportunity to visit the lovely city of Melbourne, and work with the astrophysics group at Swinburne University. My host was Michael Murphy, director of the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing. Michael was a postdoc working on quasar spectroscopy at Cambridge when I was there as a Downing Fellow nearly […]

Induction as Fellow in the NUS Teaching Academy

On April 29, the NUS University Awards Ceremony included the recognition of the seven newly inducted Fellows for the NUS Teaching Academy. I was honored to be part of the group and attended the ceremony with some of the best of the NUS professors in medicine, law, arts, sciences and humanities. It was a deep […]