Groups for Pomona Scavenger Hunt

Groups for Caltech Undergraduate Astronomy Institute Day 3


Pomona + Claremont Scavenger Hunt!

Now we are shifting our venue to Claremont!  This scavenger hunt is more advanced since you guys were so quick last time!  I also have shifted the groups from yesterday just a bit so that each group has two Pomona students.

Like last time, our challenge is to find the objects below, and then post a selfie of your group to our Facebook page at A fabulous prize goes to the first group to complete the challenge!

Here are the places you will need to find – please post a selfie of your group once you have found it!

3D outdoor relief image of Mt. Wilson Observatory

  • monument/feature dedicated to Pomona College President Peter Stanley
  • Two sundials
  • Agricultural activity
  • Carnegie Library converted into an academic building
  • 3D name of famous classical composer
  • Building that inspired name of invading alien race in Star Trek Next Generation

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