Groups and Scavenger Hunt

Groups for Caltech Undergraduate Astronomy Institute


Scavenger Hunt – Caltech

Your mission: Find each of these things on Caltech’s campus as a group and then take a selfie with yourself near the object listed. These images will be shared with the group – and the group with the most of the acquired targets will win a fabulous prize!

Targets for you to find!

Millikan Bust – (rub his nose for good luck!)

A turtle

A seismograph showing the latest earthquakes in the region

The highest point on Caltech’s campus

A cannon/howitzer (subject of very famous Caltech vs. MIT vs. Harvey Mudd pranks!)

Another exotic aquatic creature (frog, crawfish)

Wind Tunnel Laboratory

Also while you are exploring Caltech – think about objects to observe with the Mt. Wilson 60” telescope.  We will want each of the groups to come up with their favorite list of 4-5 objects for our observing on Thursday night!

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