Palomar Observatory Trip

On July 19 and 20 our group went to Palomar Observatory, where we had a great tour of the entire site, and a chance to watch the movie “Journey to Palomar” in the Monestary. The 200″ telescope was also available for touring, and despite the cloudy weather and rain, we had an amazing time!  Here are some of the photos from our visit.

IMG_0007 IMG_0006 IMG_9990 IMG_9984 IMG_9976 IMG_9979 IMG_9969 IMG_9972 IMG_9955 IMG_9963 IMG_9967 IMG_9952 IMG_9953 IMG_9934 IMG_9941 IMG_9931 IMG_9924 IMG_9926 IMG_9917 IMG_9918 IMG_9919 IMG_9922 IMG_9909 IMG_9910 IMG_9913 IMG_9915 IMG_9896 IMG_9898 IMG_9903 IMG_9907 IMG_9888


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